My Story

"The Little Administrator"

Sometime around the age of 19, I discovered the lovely nickname my mother and her friends had given me as a kid- "The Little Administrator." From an early age, my organization, logistical abilities, and communication skills made me a force to be reckoned with, so even though I was slightly offended, it was no surprise when I heard this nickname years later.

While I always liked "being in charge," a strong sense of organization and a deep love for working with and being around other people is what has always drawn me to management and administrative roles. When I announced my decision to pursue a degree in engineering about halfway through high school, it came as a shock to most people (I was more of a band, theater, and choir kid, after all) but I soon proved my abilities as an engineering student during my time at Northwest Nazarene University, and discovered an even bigger interest in communications and management within the engineering field. In a classroom often full of engineering students with their focus on the mathematics and physics, I took the time to shape myself into a well rounded engineer with highly developed oral and written communication abilities in addition to various leadership skills. While there weren't often many opportunities to use these skills outside of writing lab reports and the occasional presentation, in my senior year I was voted into the project manager position for my senior design team- one of the most exciting and validating moments of my college career.

Post-college, I worked my first "big kid job" as a technical analyst for a local patent law firm; and while the world of law is an interesting one to be sure and I loved the opportunities to hone my technical writing skills, the lack of time spent working with people wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Knowing there were places with bigger and better opportunities for the both of us, this last spring my husband and I made the decision to leave everything we knew in Boise and head to Southern California. We couldn't be more excited for the sunshine, ocean, and career opportunities we know this leap of faith will bring and we are looking forward to a fresh start in the Golden State.

Showing off my new pinky ring after being inducted into the Order of the Engineer and the Northwest Nazarene University Engineering Honors Society.

Even though I grew up in Eastern Washington, San Diego is one of my favorite places in the world- I've always been a California girl at heart.

My Skills

Below is a list of my unique combination of skills, hopefully giving insight into who I am and what I am excited to bring to the table:

Technical Writing & Communication

Leadership & Management

Optimistic & Energetic



Creative Problem Solving


Strategic Thinking

Music (Instrumental, Choral)

Personable & Team Oriented

Theater Experience

Eye for Design

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